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Martinez Landscape

Patios installation:

Do you want a patio with the conditions you have always wanted in design, finish and decoration? Choose the pattern and material you want, you will get a patio project with either stones, bricks or pure concrete. We will provide you with the best materials that meet quality standards.

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Martinez Landscape

Patios repair:

In order for your patio to look like the first time you installed it, the most necessary thing is to hire our patio repair services. A sagging, uneven patio or patio with broken bricks and old pavers do not look good on your property. So count on our patio experts to get it done.

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Martinez Landscape

Lawn Mowing:

The constant growth of your lawn on our cutting techniques and to maintain the ideal aspect of always. Our team of landscaping contractors have all the tools, definitely the edge, they cut to the ideal size and use different cutting machines that give you a quality result. We contribute to making your garden look tidy, clean and free of weeds with our service.

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